Introduce, Tugas

All About My Self :)

Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh,

My name’s Iwan Setiawan. You can call me Iwan. I was born in Jakarta at September 30 1992. I life in Tipar Cakung, East Jakarta. Now, I study in one of famous private university at economic faculty. I have a part time job, that’s Junior Web Security. I like it because i’m so interest about web development and computer science. I have 1 sister and 1 brother & I’m a younger son. In the daily I’m not funny, but so absurd. Many of my friends who say that.

In my home, i’m collecting many songbird with my father. Like a magpie robin, white rumped shanma, asian pied starling and many more.

My hobby is tweaking a computer, playing online games, and make a mini software. Sometimes, I blogging and checking forum posts at Indonesian Forums, because I’m as one of Moderator in there. Every i’m online, i usually look my social network’s account. I only have Facebook and Twitter Account. If i’m bored, definitely going to open up and KompasTekno News portal. Or, even i doing a penetration test againts website. Penetration test against website, give me information about security hole. Useful for web security that i manage. Before i became web security, beginning from curious about hacking technique. In this situation, curious, paradigm and art is needed. For me, “Hacking isn’t criminal”. Not only web security. I also manage web performance and Search Engine Optimization.

That’s description about myself. I’m sorry if found many wrong words in the even that insult you. Because i’m not English people. Thank you for visiting and reading my post. 🙂


Komentarnya donk Om.. Tanteee.. silakan :)

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